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We are introducing the best places which can be your dream home with garden and fresh air and free from pollution and noise of traffics with very low crowd. The feeling of heaven in your city.

The Cashfor Gold & Silverkings is one the top company dealing in real estate since 1995. We are serving for more than 23 years with an enormous number of clients. The team of energetic, committed, and experienced professionals are working efficiently to give you confirm and profitable deal. They observe and understand the needs of the buyer or seller very carefully and find the suitable property for them in their budget. We signify that all the requirements should fulfilled taking a very small period of time because as soon we will give you the knowledge of the spot it will be easier to decide. We arrange deal in residential, commercial, and rents.

We are very well known for in dealing with residential, industrial rented and commercial properties in Delhi NCR. The power of knowing and understanding the real estate market we also come to know the rising and lowering of prices in the market. So acknowledging all these things we guide our customers with best and beneficial business.

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Our Services

Buy Property

It is believed that if you want to invest you should buy gold or land, flat, house, etc. Most of the people very strongly actionable on this line and in our opinion it is a good step to buy property whenever you have money because its value will increase with time which may help you in your hard days. There should be no bar for buying you can invest a low amount. Most of the people had tried and got succeed.  Read More

Sell Property

Selling of equity is not as easy as buying because of many reasons In the area it is

  • The cost you want
  • In the meantime what is the price their
  • An interested buyer
  • Is it land, house or flat?

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Lease / Rent Property

It needs a high concern of experience, experts and intelligence. Our team including brokers, agents and team leaders all get together and concentrate on the client who wants to rent or lease its property or want to take a property on rent and lease. We start working gathering the whole information like the price area and other facilities. Read More


Many people dream to live in a place they have a small garden their own parking space or garage, with minimum noise, all these can found only in a Bungalow. As the bungalows are in demand in the posh areas we kept it on prior search. We have nice and suitable places where if you invest or buy it will be the best outcome of your cash. Read More


These types of deals are somehow risky as the one who is buying wants to destroy the old building to the ground and wants to construct a new one there some of the times the owner wants an amount but most of the time the builder offers a floor in return. We put our eyes throughout the deal so that there can be no chances of fraud and denial of the promises. Read More

Farm House

There are uncountable reasons for taking a farmhouse. This doesn’t take a reason to be rich or poor each and every person want to be in peace and peace of mind with fresh air no pollution without noise and some free from the daily routine. To fulfill all the desires Cashfor Gold & Silverkings had started working in helping people to buy a farmhouse. Read More

Real Estate Consultant

Real estate and property Dealers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad

Everyone has a dream to make his own house. This dream drives him to work hard and earn for his or her dream. We have come to the market to make your dream come true. We are ambitious and fully devoted to helping people in finding their own heaven to live. We help people in finding a house that can be easily converted to a home.


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