One thing else happens when the owner moves to a builder for breaking the old and construct it with the different structures having many floors in that case the builder asks some floors as its payment and rest are given to the owner of the land. This whole procedure is known as collaboration in which contracts are given very carefully and the clause is mentioned clearly in the legal papers. So the deal can be safe and reliable for the owner as well as builder.

We should be very careful at the time of collaborations

Trusted builder- if you want to collaborate with a builder you should go through its reputation, that how many projects they had worked for either they have done this before or not.

Documents- the documentation prepared must be very clear so that no doubts or misconception takes place because it can be risky.

Cash- if you are taking cash against it mention the date and place where and when it will be given and also mention what action would be taken in case of denials for any reason.

Floors- If the other side deals with floors you should be very careful which of the floors are taken by the company and it would be very clear that either he will acquire floors or the flats made on that.

We must say that it is a very big responsible job for property dealers as we have to maintain the balance in both the collaborators. The real estate agent should prepare the whole documents in front of his eyes so that there be minimum chances of fraud between the clients.

If everything is done carefully the collaboration is not called risky as it is seen as a high risk.

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